JSM Properties

We welcome you to JSM Properties, LLC! We know there is a choice in apartment living, and we strive to meet our residents' expectations. JSM Properties is locally owned and managed, and has been in operation for over 30 years. The company boasts a wide variety of apartment styles and amenities to choose from, which allows us to proudly meet the varying needs of the Madison area apartment seeker. The JSM Team takes pride in providing exceptional customer service to their residents.

Randall Station

121-123 E. Gorham Street

210 Lakelawn Place

141 E. Gorham Street

205 - 207 N. Hamilton Street

133 E. Gorham Street

125 E. Gorham Street

137 E. Gorham Street

134 E. Johnson Street

141 S. Hancock Street

133 N. Butler Street

115 E. Gorham Street

135 N. Butler Street

109 E. Gorham Street

129 N. Butler Street

Les Chateaux

129 E. Gorham Street

315 N. Pinckney Street

130 N. Butler Street

319 N. Pinckney Street

Regent Square

203 N. Hamilton Street

138 - 140 N. Butler Street

111 E. Gorham Street

515 State Street

Campus Village

1020 Fahrenbrook Court