Spring Cleaning Bingo

Complete all 16 for a serious clean or challenge roommates for a reward to the first 4 in a row.

(Corresponding cleaning instructions below bingo chart)


K1 - Take everything out of the fridge and freezer and wipe them down. Throw away things that are expired or not needed and reorganize what remains.

K2 - Wash any floor rugs, then sweep and mop the floor.

K3 - Disinfect all counter surfaces and sink.

K4 - Scrub and clean all appliances (microwave, stove, oven, dishwasher) 


Be1 - Wash or replace pillows.

Be2 - Wash all bedding (mattress pads, bed skirts, sheets, comforters, pillow cases).

Be3 - Vacuum everywhere including under the bed if possible.

Be4 - Get rid of clothes you no longer wear and reorganize dressers and closets.

Living Room

LR1 - Vacuum or sweep the floor moving furniture if needed.

LR2 - Dust and clean the TV and TV stand.

LR3 - Wash any blankets or pillows and vacuum the couch (don't forget under the cushions).

LR4 - Remove any clutter, throwing away unwanted items and wipe down coffee table.


Ba1 - Clean mirrors, sink, countertop and fixtures.

Ba2 - Wipe down toilet and clean bowl.

Ba3 - Remove items from drawers/cabinets and wipe down. Discard any old or unwanted items.

Ba4 - Scrub shower/tub including curtains.

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