CHT Apartments

Local. Authentic. Unique.

For over 50 years CHT Apartments has locally owned and managed various housing locations in Madison, Wisconsin. We specialize in affordable housing, perfect for students and young professions in the downtown area. We feature rentals near the University of Wisconsin campus, the State Capitol, and Madison hospitals. Whether you're looking to grab a pitcher at the Memorial Union Terrace or Jump Around at Camp Randall Stadium, CHT has you covered. Our unique living spaces offer communities in all shapes and sizes. From studio apartments to individual houses by Langdon and State Street, CHT welcomes you into our authentic community.

Campus Office:
Roundhouse Apartments 626 Langdon Street #108
Main Office:
505 N. Carroll Street #1


811 Prospect Place

The Badger House

234 Langdon Street

2 Langdon

The Hamilton

137 - 139 Langdon Street

533 W. Dayton Street

504 N. Henry Street

110 W. Gilman Street

629 N. Frances Street

415 N. Henry Street

212 N. Blount Street

127 Langdon Street

118 West Johnson

810 E. Gorham Street

649 E. Johnson Street

Bayshore Apartments

435 W. Doty Street

The Roundhouse

614 - 616 Mendota Court

RH Squared

237 Lakelawn Place

816 E. Gorham Street

408 N. Frances Street

609 Howard Place

151 W. Gilman Street

625 Mendota Court

645 E. Johnson Street

260 Langdon Street

412 N. Carroll Street

1135 E. Gorham Street

416 - 418 N. Carroll Street

128-130 W. Gilman Street

104 E. Gilman Street

151 E. Gilman Street

Parkview Apartments

745 E. Gorham Street

643 E. Johnson Street

228 Langdon